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Twizt3D Rhythm

2010-07-05 06:38:09 by ReapeRs-LeGenD

Good news! Brandon is as alive as ever and along with two of his long time friends he is now starting to make music. A group composed of 3 teens including me, my friend Zach (Who is teaching me) and my friend Nate who is also learning. Our progress is going to come along in short bursts of course. Check out this edited picture made to look like album art!

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Twizt3D Rhythm

Lords of Zeroah: War of the Pheonix

2010-03-08 14:42:59 by ReapeRs-LeGenD

Well mighty how it has been a while. I have been busy once again and this time it has been working on LOZ! Currently we have what we call "A demo before the demo." TBR and eventually will be releasing that in the following week. The demo is going to show of the battle system, new sprites, and going to be a mini story of it's own.

We are still in the search of original music, so please composers if you wouldn't mind helping us out it would be much appreciated. Were asking for original music so that we don't have to be grilled by people saying that we "stole" music. Though were not really going to sell the game, we just wouldn't mind having original tracks rather then have to go out and use other already created songs.

Hopefully tonight I can get some screen shots of the game and will make a youtube video along with them using one of the original tracks a friend has created for us thus far.

Once more if you wouldn't mind helping just message me here and we will begin talking about what's needed.

Lords of Zeroah: War of the Pheonix

Life, dreams and the holiness of human nature is on the decline... what is the price of freedom?

Ello all, and I after being busy for a long while am back... for all that care that is. I'm going to be trying to get FL Studio so that I could work out some songs on my own for the upcoming game that me and my friend have been working on.

Anyways we have some set backs, being seniors, moving and all that can end your time as being great co-op performers.

I however decided that I wont give up, and that I'm going to continue working hard in order to benefit my future as a video game designer. Soon once more I might be adding screen shots from the game.

~ReapeR~ - Brandon.

The Lords Of Zeroah - War Of The Pheonix

2009-01-01 03:28:19 by ReapeRs-LeGenD

As time rolled on the picture got clear, LOZ - WOTP was created.
- The crappy website we have till we get fan support and sponsors.

It makes me glad to announce that it is finally in production, and it should be released in Mid to Late 2009.

Were still looking for artists and Composers, So any help would be much appreciated.

Now, along with this announcement I'll say Merry "Late" Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New years :D!

09 will bring new stuff to the world, hopefully for the better.

The Lords Of Zeroah - War Of The Pheonix

The ReapeR's Request!

2008-03-01 21:37:03 by ReapeRs-LeGenD

As of August 2007, me and a friend decided we were going to make a game!

It's running smooth, and should be finished by this summer (or durring).

We just need one thing!

Music, and as a fellow Newgrounds member and an audio fanitic/critic, i have to ask, would you like to help us in the music area of our game?

The game is going to be and RPG and the name of it is "The Lords Of Zeroah"

Any Q's? Just comment them down there or just message me, either way you can get my attention.

If you need to let me know ergintly, then you can catch me on AIM.


I do hope you concider taking part in this project!

Thanks, And to all fellow newgrounders!

May you all have a wonderful day.(not really!) :P!

To see some funny stuff like this o.o!

Its the reson why we all come to Newgrounds